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Different types of Ultrasound scans during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. So, the baby’s growth is monitored at each step. It is a need to undergo different types of ultrasound scans at different time intervals because these scans are your window into the womb life of the baby. Here is all about pregnancy ultrasound scans, why and at what stage they are done; what changes to expect and what to look out for.

First-trimester ultrasound scans

These are the scans done during the first three months of conceiving. With any 2d ultrasound scan, you can get clear pictures of your baby in the fetus. With 3d ultrasound scans, the report and the movements of the fetus and the organs can be seen.

Second Trimester Ultrasound Scans

Anomaly Scan – It is done around 18 – 22 weeks of pregnancy and is to determine the healthy growth of the foetus. Here we can determine the formation of the baby’s organs. This scan is very important as this is where we can gauge out any developmental abnormalities or birth defects of the organs.

This mid-trimester obstetric ultrasound is suggested in a 3D ultrasound imaging manner so as to get a better look at the baby’s developing organs.

Third-trimester ultrasound scans

Almost all of the baby’s organs are developed by this stage. The ultrasound scans taken in this stage are to check the proper functioning of these grown organs

  • Fetal echocardiography – this is another major pregnancy scan to determine the heart health of the baby. This is where cardiac abnormalities and congenital heart defects can be recognized if any. It is done at around 18 – 24 weeks.
  • Growth scan of 28 weeks or late pregnancy ultrasound. This is done to determine the health of the grown fetus and the mother’s uterine cavity space, amniotic fluid quantity, and the baby’s organ receptions.
  • Doppler ultrasound – this is done at 32 weeks and is a unique scan. This determines the blood flow through the umbilical cord to the baby’s heart, brain and other organs.

Your doctor might advise you to do an additional scan or two if needed.

Peeking into the baby’s health inside the womb from time to time is very important for early intervention and appropriate care. Delayed recognition is a major factor in abnormal births. So don’t waste any more time, and book your pregnancy scans now.