Anomaly Scan

Anomaly Scan

Securing peace of mind with our Fetal Anomaly Scan Centre in Pune

Feeling complex with pregnancy issues? Get connected with our Fetal Anomaly Centre in Pune. With us, the baby’s health and well-being are the top priority.

Pregnancy is a unique journey, and our dedicated team of experts is here to offer holistic care and proficiency in parental anomaly detection.

What is fetal anomaly detection?

It is an advanced ultrasound aimed to assess the baby’s physical development in the womb. During the procedure, a specialized sonographer uses high-frequency sound waves to create detailed images of the fetus.

Our Fetal Anomaly Centre in Pune will adopt all the necessary guidelines and proven techniques to gain maximum transparency about the well-being of the little one.

The images gather insight into the baby’s anatomy, allowing healthcare professionals to identify anomalies or irregularities.

Why Fetal Anomaly Detection Is A Must?

Why we are one of the best Fetal Anomaly Scan Centre in Pune

Ensuring the health and well-being of a baby in the womb is essential, so choosing an optimistic center for Fetal Anomaly scans in Pune is crucial.

Here is why we proudly stand as one of the best clinics for Anomaly Scan in Pune.

Proven Expertise in Fetal Anomaly

Our medical experts specialize in fetal anomaly detection. With a plethora of experience and training, we have the skills needed to conduct scans accurately.

Comprehensive Screening

Our screening covers a range of structural abnormalities and other congenital abnormalities. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to a baby's health.

Transparent Communication

The health professionals at our anomaly scan center remain duty-bound to explain the procedure, the results, and all the follow-up steps to the patient party.
We ensure you gather all the understanding regarding the baby's health.
Contact our best Fetal Anomaly Scan in Pune and bring endless joy to your life.

Expert Fetal Anomaly Scan Centre in Pune

Our commitment to fetal anomaly scans is unwavering.

We prioritize accuracy, early detection, and comprehensive assessments to ensure the best possible outcomes for your baby’s health.

We provide you with the most reliable anomaly scan services in Pune.

A fetal anomaly scan, also known as a prenatal anomaly detection scan, is a detailed ultrasound examination that assesses the development of the fetus for any structural abnormalities or congenital malformations.

The best time to schedule a fetal anomaly scan is usually between 18 and 22 weeks of pregnancy, as healthcare professionals recommend.

The fetal anomaly detection service or scan is considered safe for the mother and baby, as it uses ultrasound technology without any harmful radiation.

The fetal anomaly scan can detect a wide range of structural abnormalities or congenital anomalies in the developing baby, providing valuable information for prenatal care and planning.