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Are you confused of what amniocentesis is all about and why you might want to prefer undoing one. Doctors are an integral part of your pregnancy journey. Only the best amniocentesis test doctors in Pune can help you with the process. One should be open regarding their concerns and ask as many queries as possible with them.

What is amniocentesis?

The Amniocentesis treatment in Pune is performed under experts’ supervision. It is a prenatal test that diagnoses genetic disorders (like Down’s Syndrome) or any other associated disorders within a fetus. A needle is used to take some amounts of amniotic fluid from the sac that surrounds the fetus and then it’s tested in the lab. The amniotic sac protects the fetus and contains essential genetic information that helps diagnose any genetic condition.

When is amniocentesis done?

The best amniocentesis test doctors in Pune suggest performing this test after 16weeks of pregnancy. The primary reason for doing this is that by this time developing fetus is suspended in sufficient 130 ml of amniotic fluid, which gets constantly swallowed and excreted by the baby. This fluid is used for amniotic fluid analysis.

Deformities detected by Amniocentesis

This procedure aids in detecting several chromosomal disorders or anomalies in the fetus. Fetal chromosome analysis is a boon in the field of medical sciences.
Amniocentesis Risks and Benefits
Women who are at a certain age like above 40 years hold a larger risk of genetic problems as compared to women in a slightly lower age bracket. To be cautious the best amniocentesis test doctors in Pune recommend it to only those females who are presumed to be at a higher risk of delivering a child with these defects seen in screening test. Potential candidates for amniocentesis can be:
Procedure of Amniocentesis
As per the best amniocentesis test doctors in Pune counseling is an integral part of this procedure. Both partners are counseled before this procedure. To complete the entire process, it usually takes 80-90 minutes. This process involves the following steps:
Measures to follow after Amniocentesis

While it is considered a safe procedure there can be complications like Infection (Mild Fever), vaginal leakage, Spontaneous abortion, and Rh Sensitization.

Is it 100% accurate as per the best amniocentesis test doctors in Pune? Yes, it’s generally definitive for 98-99 women out of 100.

For many people, it’s not painful but slightly discomforting. It’s quite like the pain experienced during needle prick or period pain.
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