Growth Scan

Growth Scan

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Understanding Fetal Growth Scans:

What is a Fetal Growth Evolution Scan?

A Fetal Growth Scan, also known as prenatal growth monitoring, is a specialized ultrasound that provides vital insights into your baby's development inside the womb.

What does it assess?

It is an advanced and result-oriented mechanism detecting the baby's size within the womb, the accurate weight, and overall health. It ensures the smooth progression of the pregnancy lifecycle.

Biparietal Diameter (BPD)

The measurement of the baby's head circumference helps determine brain growth and development.

Abdominal Circumference (AC)

This measurement assesses the size and growth of the baby's abdomen, ensuring adequate nourishment.

Femur Length (FL)

The length of the baby's thigh bone indicates long bone growth and can signal potential issues if abnormal.

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Our Fetal Growth Scan Centre in Pune is dedicated to offering comprehensive, technologically advanced assessments of your baby’s growth and well-being.

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Fetal Growth Scans can identify deviations from the expected growth trajectory, potential abnormalities, and signs of conditions like IUGR, which may indicate an issue with the baby’s development.

Yes, we utilize Doppler ultrasound during our scans to assess blood flow to the fetus and placenta. This helps in understanding the oxygen and nutrient supply to the baby.
Fetal Growth Scans are considered safe with minimal risks. They do not use ionizing radiation, making them suitable for repeated assessments if necessary.
While Fetal Growth Scans provide estimates of the baby’s weight, they may not be entirely precise. However, they are valuable for monitoring trends and deviations from the norm.

If a growth issue is identified, our team will work closely with your healthcare provider to develop a tailored plan, which may include more frequent monitoring or specialized care.