Dr. Ramesh R Gaikwad

Best Fertility Specialist in Pune

Dr. Ramesh R Gaikwad is a well- recognized senior IVF consultant/Fertility specialist & Gynae Laparoscopic Surgeon in Pune with more than a decade of experience performing in-vitro fertilization and egg retrieval procedures and surgeries.
He also accomplished several courses, including infertility & Endoscopy Training Course (FOGSI) at CIMAR Edappal Kerala & the Master Certification course in ART & Reproductive Medicine – Kiel Germany. He has helped thousands of couples build their families by successfully performing over 7,500 embryo transfers & 5,000 diagnostic procedures & surgeries. He continues to provide expert care to his patients as a trusted one-stop solution for all things related to infertility.




MMC (Maharastra)