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Know the benefits of IVF for infertility

With the present time and lifestyle changes, infertility rates among couples are increasing. In the last decade itself, there was a 10% growth, making the overall infertility rate around 20 – 30% in India. But does having infertility issues mean that you should give up on your dream of having a family? Absolutely not. Fortunately, along with the rate of couples opting for IVF treatments, the IVF success rate has also marginally increased.

Here are all the ways in which IVF is beneficial,

IVF as an option for childbearing

The main causes of female infertility are

You have to understand that in all these cases, the ability of the ovaries to produce mature eggs is altered. So are the intrauterine conditions and uterine wall health. When these conditions are altered, The sperm cannot fertilise the egg inside the body. Nor can the fertilised egg attach to the uterine wall to grow into an embryo.

With IVF, we regulate the egg fertilization that takes place outside the body. The conditions are set right for fertilization and proper healthy growth of the embryo.

On the other hand, the most common male infertility issues are

When this happens, the sperm is not capable of reaching and fertilizing the egg inside the body. With IVF, the sperm is directly injected into the cytoplasm of the egg to ensure full fertilization.

IVF to prevent genetic disorders

Enough mature eggs and sperm are retrieved and fertilized, leading to multiple embryo formation. This process takes place outside the human body, and a careful screening of the embryos and healthy eggs occurs. This helps decrease gene mutations. The likelihood of genetic or hereditary conditions passing down to your IVF-born babies is minimized.

IVF is not only a cure but also a prevention

Another benefit of IVF is that you can plan and preserve your fertility by the method of frozen embryos. This is beneficial for

Factors affecting IVF success

The main factors affecting the IVF success rate are –

Throughout the treatment, the uterine conditions are constantly monitored and the female parent is kept on medication to make the uterine wall healthy so as to take up the embryos. That is also why around 10 – 15 mature eggs are retrieved and fertilised, to increase the overall probability of a successful pregnancy. All these factors and their effects will be discussed during the specialist consultation.

Your dream of having a child need not be far-fetched anymore. Book your consultation with a specialist now and know the best way to start the IVF treatment plan for you.